Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Disney

More Disney photos. These are all from the Disney Photo Pass card. Basically you pay ($99) upfront and can get up to a thousand images taken by the park photographers. They were really great, they took time with us, never rushed us to get to the next person, and worked with my daughter when she didn't want to take any more pictures. When you get home, you can add all sorts of frames, signatures etc. to them. We ended up having 200 or so photos taken and then another 250 with frames etc. They burn them to a dvd and poof, they arrive in your mailbox. It is a scrapbookers dream!! I didn't have to worry about getting the shots with the icons in the background, and I even ended up in the photos too!!

The above is from Epcot. I like this one, the sky is so dramatic... and minutes from raining!!

This one was my daughter and I infront of Cinderella's Castle. We are a bit wet here :) from another storm passing through. My daughter loved the castle the best I think!

This was cute, they had you pose and then later superimposed images on your photos. They turned out cute. When my daughter saw this, she was surprised, she said she didn' t remember holding Tinkerbelle, but guessed she flew away so fast she didn't see her!

My daughter and Donald in Animal Kingdom. The characters were set up nicely here, all next to each other, and hardly any lines!!

I love this shot!!

This is my absolute favorite photo!! Those photographers really were great!!

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~ Amy W ~ said...

I might have to actually go to Disney (land or world) if they continue something like that!! I would jump at that photo-op in a heartbeat! I agree, that close up with shot is beautiful!